day 2

So its my second day is this weird and wonderful world. I’m settling pretty well.

Today I started the morning by going to the gym; I was deadlifting quite a bit, some sessions good, some not so much. But I’m getting the hang of it.

Then I visited the supplement store to pick up some boosts, I got a few tubs of protein then some pre workout. I popped back home and took some protein then the pre workout, then jumped on my scooter and immediately went back to the gym to deadlifts a little more.

ibodybuilder supplement store

ibodybuilder supplement store 

I leveled up too! my biceps, quads, traps, forearms and my abs all got bigger and more defined.

ibodybuilder level up


ibodybuilder deadlift


After all the working out I was hungry so picked up some chicken and water, then headed to the mall. I got a hair cut and a new beard…. who knew you could pay someone grow you a beard in a day? Then I copped some red trainers for the gym. There was also this rather nifty hat…. what you all think? Then, in true bodybuilder fashion I got a spray tan, check me out!

ibodybuilder customisation


ibodybuilder hat

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