My first day as iBodybuilder

So I woke up, I have no idea where I am; this place is strange, beautiful…. but strange. It’s all angular and 2D. I’m warm, really warm, yet I seem to be standing in my pants?


There are lights moving on and off me and it looks like I am on some kind of stage? I’m getting out of here. But as I walk outside I’m greeted with a superb view of wonderfully vibrant town, a small sign says “welcome to the town of iBodybuilder!”

There is everything you could ever need here, look at that….. wait. Is that run down shack my house?ibodybuilder map


Oh dear, this simply will not do, I take a look and go inside. Wow, this is pretty nice inside, nothing like the run down dump from the outside. I have a little look in the fridge, empty. I have a look in the cupboard, empty.

ibodybuilder game

Hmmmm, better go get some food. I’m sure I saw a supermarket back there.

As I leave my house I noticed a little scooter outside, this will do nicely. ibodybuilder scooter

Arriving at the supermarket I park up the scooter and go inside, suddenly I panic, I haven’t got any money, wait a minute. A little rummage in my pants reveals a money clip with some cash. Sorted!

ibodybuilder supermarket


I pick up a few items:ibodybuilder food

  • Bananas
  • Chicken
  • A few steaks
  • Some oats
  • Water

These should keep me going for a while.



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