The iBodybuilder Story

The iBodybuilder Story

So, I have never built my own game before. It is actually a very long story about how iBodybuilder and my company Little Red Chimp came to be (first thought up on a beach in Thailand where I stayed for several months), I also owe a rather large amount of credit to Tim Ferris and his first book, ‘The four hour work week’ which is simply awesome. For those that are interested I plan to do a blog series that details this, but I suspect more intriguingly to you, I will show you the exact steps of how I designed and built iBodybuilder using remote freelancers, a very small amount of money and how I had no real knowledge of programming, game design or game artwork.

Ever wanted to build a hit game, I’m not talking about half the rubbish you see on the store, I am talking about the special ones. I have no interest in encouraging people who are looking to scalp, copycat or rip off other peoples work. But I do have a lot of interest in helping others to create something special and I will show you just how low the barrier to entry for mobile games really is.

Stay tuned to the blog for more….

Adam Norman

Head Chimp @ Little Red Chimp

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