iBodybuilder set for launch!

iBodybuilder set for launch!

The first mobile game from Little Red Chimp, “iBodybuilder” is nearing competition and nearly ready for release. Now, I am not going to lie, I planned to release this ages ago, in fact before christmas 2014, but due to loosing team members, code and various other set backs it has taken a little longer.

I can’t wait to share this game with the world. A game like this has never been seen on mobile before so I have put my heart and soul into making something special for everyone, I really hope you all enjoy it and it provides the entertainment, that I hope it will.

The plan is to continually evolve the game and with your feedback we can make it even better, so please do let us know what you would like to see in version 2 (although I already have a huge list of additional features).

Thanks for all the support,

Adam Norman

Game Designer and Head chimp @ Little Red Chimp Ltd



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